Cryogen Free Closed Cycle Pulse Tube Refrigerator Systems

Closed Cycle Pulse Tube refrigerators represent the latest technology for cooling power. They are an excellent choice for experiments that require low-vibration. The cold head motor and valve unit are separate from the cold finger, resulting in low vibration.

Pulse Tube Refrigerator Systems come in either single or two stage systems.

Cryo’s Pulse Tube systems are available with either the sample in vacuum (coldfinger) or the sample in exchange gas (top loading).  The cold cycle refrigeration systems are available in numerous configurations, that may include:

Optical or Non-Optical

Standard, Compact and Sub-Compact sizes

High or Low Temperature stage

Low vibration version for IR arrays or other vibration sensitive experiments


Cryo is able to integrate either a Pulse Tube refrigerator or the Gifford-McMann refrigerator into any Closed Cycle System design. 

Custom systems are no problem - We can create a system that meets or exceeds your experimental needs.

 Full Specification


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