Cryogen Free Closed Cycle Microscopy Systems

Cryo Industries pairs innovative design with leading edge technology in the Closed Cycle Refrigerator System for Microscopy.  This is a true ‘performance by design’ and is the only system of its kind on the market.

The Closed Cycle Refrigerator System for Microscopy has no direct mount to the refrigerator making this system ideal for low vibration on experiments.  It also employs a closed loop circulation on of helium gas used for sample cooling (see diagram below for recirculation on schematic).

Customization is no problem! We guarantee that our systems will meet your experimental specifications.  Cryo offers various temperature ranges for the Closed Cycle Refrigerator Systems for Microscopy

  • 11 K to 325 K
  • 20 K to 325 K
  • 28 K to 325 K
  • 78 K to 325 K


You select the temperature range and cooling power need and we provide the system!

 Full Specification


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