Standard Products

Cryofab’s standard products have evolved from over 35 years of experience in cryogenic applications, systems and handling. Our time proven products are widely recognized for their high quality performance, efficiency and durability. These are also the building blocks for many of our prototype and custom fabrications. 

Portable Dewars
Liquid Nitrogen/Oxygen/Argon


Portable & Stationary Dewars
Liquid Helium/Neon


Portable Dewars 
Liquid Hydrogen



Dewar Flasks


Magnet Dewars 


Phase Separators/

Transfer Lines

Vacuum Jacketed Piping

Distribution Tanks

Portable & Stationary
Horizontal Tanks 

Why Cryofab?

Cryofab, Inc. is a multi-faceted company with the ability to offer our customer base the widest variety of products services and capabilities. A line of standard products serves as the building block for custom and production oriented products and accessories. We are the total package whether you are looking for one item or thousands of pieces. Our talents and experience have been applied in many areas such as research, industry, homecare, medical, laboratory, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and semiconductor. The ability to draw on such widespread experience translates into fabrications that are effective and efficient for their perspective marketplaces.

Founded in 1971, we have weathered the test of time and flourished by keeping up to date on product changes, industry advancements, fabricating and procedural improvements. Maintaining state of the art techniques in welding, super insulation, materials and vacuum technology has been a key factor in our longevity.

Customer service and the ability to deliver parts and service that meet the customer’s individual requirements, has enabled us to build an excellent reputation as a company people freely recommend. 

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