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10 K Systems 4 K Systems 6.5 K Systems Super Conducting
Magnet Systems
Cryo Industries manufactures
closed cycle cryogenic work-
stations for a large variety of
experimental requirements and
can be provided with special
sample 'T' style mounts,
temperature controllers and

These systems with Sample in
Vacuum mounting are designed
for 'cold finger' sample mounting.
Easy sample access is allowed
through a quick connect vacuum 
shroud and single thread radiation

Model-204 Variable
Temperature Optical
Closed Cycle
Refrigerator System.
Integrate innovative design
with magnetic fields that
range from 2 Tesla up to
19 Tesla.  Magnet
configurations include
Vertical Field Solenoid or
Horizontal Field Split Coil






Pulse Tube Detector Series Low Vibration

Cryo Industries pairs
innovative design with leading
edge technology in the Closed
Cycle Refrigerator System for
Microscopy, and is the only
system of its kind on the market. 

These refrigerators are an
excellent choice for experiments
that require low-vibration.  The
cold head motor and valve unit
are separate from the cold
finger, resulting in low vibration. 
Up to 244 Signal Lines. This innovative Cryo Industries
cryostat places the sample in
vacuum, isolated through a
low vibration exchange gas
design and flexible rubber






Mossbauer Systems

This closed cycle cryostat system
using Pulse Tube cooling on a
specially designed low vibration
structure, is the enabling
technology for Variable
Temperature High Field
Mossbauer Spectroscopy. 




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