Sunpower introduces the CryoTel® Cube cryogenic cooling system incorporating the CryoTel® GT cryocooler. There is no
need to hassle with liquid nitrogen when you can flip a switch and have instant cryogenic cooling from a
maintenance-free solution.

You can operate the CryoTel® Cube in multiple orientations. The cryocooler is mounted on vibration isolation mounts to
reduce the exported vibration and the optional Active Cancellation System (ACS) further reduces exported vibration to levels
with liquid nitrogen. 

The CryoTel® Cube includes everything needed to quickly reach cryogenic temperatures, which makes it an excellent solution
for meeting laboratory or OEM cryogenic requirements. Common applications are material research, high-temperature
superconductivity, cryogenic preservation, laser cooling, infrared detectors, germanium detectors, medical instruments,
and anywhere liquid nitrogen is used.

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