Helium-3 Systems

He-3 Sample in Vacuum

simple to operate and fits into
standard transport dewars
(50 mm diameter neck).
The operating temperature range
is .25 K to 80 K (300 K optional)
and has approximately 60 hours
hold time.

He-3 Sample in Vacuum
Integral He-4 Reservoir 

has a LHe reservoir built-in,
which supplies the LHe-4 for
condensing He-3 gas This is ideal for
applications where there is no access
to main LHe bath.

He-3 Pro

He-3 Pro (sample in vacuum) 
is a PRODUCTION manufactured 
Insert, allowing for savings of 
40% when compared to similar 
systems. It is available for fast 
delivery and has temperature range 
of 269mK to 329 mK  

He-3 Top Loading Sample
in Vapour/Liquid 

offers easy 'top-loading of samples. 
It has an operating temperature 
range of 0.3 K to 300 K with 
approximately 24 hours hold time 
at base temperature. 

He-3 Top Loading Sample 
in Vapour for Variable  
Temperature Insert

fits into standard dynamic VTIs. 
The 3He refrigerator top loads into 
the sample tube of the VTI and is 
cooled by the liquid helium flow in 
the sample tube.

Complete He-3 Catalogue

Cryo's He-3 Family of Inserts are 
guaranteed to offer a solution for 
any ultra low temperature research 
need. This includes inserts for Optical, 
UHV, storage dewar mount, NMR, 
AFM and X-ray. Samples are 
top-loading or vacuum mount.


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