Liquid Nitrogen

LN2 Var. Sample in Vacuum

Featuring virtually unlimited run
time, the Model 110ND is our
most popular style liquid nitrogen
dewar. This model features an
adjustable thermal link built into
the LN2 reservoir.

LN2 Sample in Flowing Vapour

The Model NSVT features samples 
that are loaded into flowing 
nitrogen gas that exits from the 
vaporizer. Samples can be quickly 
changed while operating. 

LN2 Sample in Exchange Gas

Model NVT features a liquid nitrogen 
reservoir that surrounds the central 
sample tube. This versatile design is 
reconfigurable to meet future 
experimental needs. 

LN2 Microscopy Systems

RC102 Microscopy system is an
innovative 'sample in vacuum'
design that offers fast cooldown,
high efficiency, excellent
temperature stability, ultra low
vibration and can be operated
in 'push' or 'pull' mode.

LN2 Uni. Sample in Vacuum

Non-variable temperature pour
fill nitrogen cryostats is available
in optical or non-optical
configurations. This compact,
hand-held design places the
sample in vacuum.

LN2 Transfer Lines

available in many different
configurations, including a 
compact version. The most popular
styles are: 
»» Vacuum and foam insulated
»» Rigid 
»» Flexible

LN2 Research Dewars

The detector series features variable
temperature sample in
vacuum dewars. The unique
design offers many configurations
including side-looking
and bottom looking windows.

LN2 Storage Dewars

low pressure liquid nitrogen
Storage Dewars feature high 
efficiency aluminum fiberglass
construction and an optional heater
to fit a liquid nitrogen transfer
line. These dewars are available
in 50 or 25 litre versions.

LN2 Micro-manipulated Probe

has an all stainless steel vacuum 
chamber and up to (6) XYZ Probe 
stations. The CMP has an operating 
temperature range of 
<10 K to 800 K.

LN2 Generators

make liquid nitrogen from the
room air. This easy to use compact
system operates 24 hours per day
and is available in two models: 
Cryocool-LN7: 7 liters/day 
Cryocool-LN32: 32 liters/day

Complete LN2 Dewar Brochure

Cryo is certain to have a design that
meets your research needs. Designs
are availabe with sample in vacuum,
sample in vapor and sample in static
exchange gas, optical or non-optical.

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With over 26 years experience of
building cryogenic systems for
researchers, Cryo Industries are 
able to custom design, engineer,
manufacture and test a system
that is guaranteed to meet
your specifications.

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