Liquid Nitrogen Generator

Kelvin Technology through Cryo Industries offers complete Liquid Nitrogen Generator Systems with two different liquefaction capacities:

Cryocool-LN10: 10 litres/day liquefaction rate

Cryocool-LN50: 50 litres/day liquefication rate

Two styles are available: Direct Feed Design or Dewar 

Mounted Design.


Direct Feed Design:

The Direct Feed design is a stand-alone flow out system that is easy to use with no permanent attachment to a dewar. Nitrogen flows into the inlet port and liquid nitrogen flows out the nozzle. This small footprint design allows for direct filling of experimental dewar/cryostat.

Direct Feed Design Features:

 - 24 hour/day automatic operation

 - Thread on tips available to customize the nozzle for your special application

 - Water cooled compressor standard (Air cooled compressor is available)

 - Optional nitrogen gas generator 



Dewar Mounted Design: 

In the Dewar Mounted design the coldhead is mounted on a 100 litre Liquid Nitrogen storage dewar. The nitrogen gas flows in the inlet port, is liquefied and the liquid nitrogen is stored in the dewar. 

Dewar Mounted Design Features: 

 - 24 hour/day automatic operation 

 - Liquid level probe installed in the dewar 

 - Supplied with a high efficiency, light- weight epoxy fiberglass dewar 

 - Water cooled compressor standard (Air cooled option available) 

 - Optional nitrogen gas generator 

  Full Specification

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