CRYOCOOL-PC Cold Stream Transfer System

Compact Table-Top design with transfer line for remote cooling or carry dewar unit with integral x-y-z stage.


Full specification

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Full CRYOCOOL family brochure

  • Small personal size with Never ice ‘warm-tip’ (no shield gas needed - ever) - ice free nozzle without using shield gas 

  • COLD constant flow gas stream at 95K or less 

  • Temperature Stability better than +/- 0.1 K

  • Large nozzle diameter of 0.354 inch (~9 mm) inside diameter 0.312 inch (~ 8 mm) 

  • Vacuum and superinsulated for highest efficiency

  • All welded stainless steel transfer line for long term reliability 

  • Charcoal vacuum maintenance cryopump in insert leg 

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