CRYOCOOL-G2-LT Gas Stream Cooler

The Cryocool-G2-LT offers the lowest temperature range for cryogen free models. With an operating temperature range of 11 K to 325 K it offers all the same technology of the LHe and LN3 without the need for liquid cryogens.


Full specification

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Full CRYOCOOL family brochure

  • Operating temperature range from 11 K to 300 K when using helium gas flow  

  • Ice free single flow (eliminates the need for shield gas) 

  • Cold stream temperature stability better than +/- 0.1K 

  • Closed Cycle Cryogen Free Refrigerator - use no gas or liquid cryogens for cooling cycle 

  • Quiet direct drive SHI refrigerator with cooling power of 1.5 watts @4.2K refrigerator 

  • Water cooled 3 Phase compressor 

  • 20M long interconnecting sthoses 

  • Large nozzle diameter of 0.312 inch (~8 mm) and inside diameter 0.272 inch (~ 7 mm) 
  • Control heater installed in transfer line nozzle 
  • Silicon diode temperature sensor installed in nozzle
  • Vacuum and superinsulated for highest efficiency 
  • All welded stainless steel transfer line for long term reliability 
  • 1.5 meter entire length flexible for easy handling and manipulation of nozzle 
  • Pressure relief installed on vacuum spaces 
  • Charcoal vacuum maintenance cryopump 
  • Built-in cold trap for gas stream contaminant removal 
  • Long term continuous operation 
  • Control heaters installed on refrigerator cooling stages 
  • Temperature sensors installed on refrigerator cooling stages 
  • Electronic flow controller

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