CRYOCOOL-LN3 Gas Stream Cooler

The Cryocool-LN3 is an innovative 3rd generation single-flow Gas Stream Cooler system that provides a continuous stream of cold nitrogen gas.  

Simple to operate and reliable low maintenance system which we can provide at very competitive prices.


Full specification

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Full CRYOCOOL family brochure

  • 'Never Ice' warm tip (no shield gas needed - ever!)  
  • Variable temperature range from 83 K to 500 K.
  • Temperature Stability better than +/- 0.1 K.
  • 50-60% less Nitrogen consumption than other systems.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Dewar (with autofill).
  • Temperature Controller.
  • Dual channel level Controller for Nitrogen generator and main reservoir.
  • 25-30% lower price than our competitors.

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