CRYOCOOL-LHe Gas Stream Cooler

The sample (crystal) locates in the cold stream.  No windows, tubes or crystal shielding are needed.  The result is complete freedom of movement and maximum sensitivity.  Elimination of shield gas reduces turbulence, allows lower temperatures, reduces operating costs and makes for an easier to use system. Set up is very simple and crystal mounting can be learned quickly.  The only maintenance needed is occasional re-evacuation of the transfer line.

With a base temperature of 4.5 K, the CRYOCOOL-LHe features the lowest temperature in the industry.


Full specification

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Full CRYOCOOL family brochure

  • Provides a continuous stream of cold helium gas.  
  • Flow Rate adjusted by an easy to use needle valve.
  • 'Never Ice' technology eliminates the need for shield gas.
  • Simple and cost-effective to operate
  • With lower temperatures you can study crystals in a way not previously possible

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