Dewar Flasks


One word can be used to describe this product line "flexible".

With the capability to fabricate sizes from 2.5" up to 96" I.D. and depths to 20 feet this product can fulfill many different applications.

Historically dewar flasks have been a lab tool. Today this product has found its way into the outer reaches of industry. Old fashioned quality coupled with the latest techniques in thermal efficiency is Cryofab's claim for each dewar flask manufactured. Double wall, all stainless steel construction along with multilayer insulation in vacuum guarantee a durable, efficient product. Listed in our catalogue are the many standard sizes to choose from. This does not scratch the surface as to the many different configurations that have been fabricated over the years.

Through customer needs and requests a number of options are now available ...

  • Foam insulated lids
  • Flanged tops for making this unit a closed system.
  • Bottom drains have been utilized for the larger vessels to be emptied without the use of a pump.
  • Built in fill and sensor ports can be placed inside the vacuum space for unobtrusive access in the vessel. This also makes for an efficient autofill package.
  • Windows can give you a birds eye view of your experiments in the liquid.
  • Lifting lugs
  • Rigid welded handles
  • Flap down handles


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