Portable Dewars - CLH Series (Liquid Hydrogen)

Cryofab's CLH series portable liquid hydrogen dewars are intended for low pressure transport and storage. The operating premise is for conventional straight liquid dispensing using specially designed transfer equipment and connections. Great effort and detail has been incorporated into the design for the relief/sefety system and fill/withdrawal apparatus. The dewars are designed with the lowest possible heat leak in mind without the use of a secondary cryogen. The CLH employs state-of-the art vapor-cooled multishield technology in conjunction with superinsulation to effect the lowest guaranteed loss rates. Materials of construction are rugged stainless steel and all dewars are supplied with casters for easy mobility. Liquid hydrogen can now be transported from large tanker trucks into the lab.

The product line ranges from 100 to 400 liters. We can fabricate larger capacities to customer specifications.

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  • All S.S. Welded Construction
  • Robust Design
  • Built-in Vacuum Insulated Fill/Withdrawal Port
  • Bayonet Connection for Low Heat Leak Transfers
  • Purge Ports for Safety on All Valves
  • D.O.T. Certified 4L50
  • Bellows Sealed Vent, Pressurization and Isolation Valves
  • Compact Size
  • Common Vent for Piping Away Relief Devices and Exhaust Port

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