Portable Dewars - CFN Series (Liquid Nitrogen/Oxygen/Argon)

The absolute back to basics container, with no bells and whistles. A throwback to the days of simple fabrication and uncomplicated operation. Assembled using all stainless steel materials, this container is a double walled, vacuum insulated dewar. The design criteria for this product line is to supply a robust container for transportation and atmospheric storage of liquefied gases in smaller capacities. Sizes range from 25 liters to 200 liters.


A narrow neck opening helps to keep the loss rates to a minimum. The neck is terminated with an NW flange allowing for the attachment of a withdrawal device for liquid dispensing.

This container is not intended for extended hold time storage but as an alternative to liquid supply in a lab or plant operation. When equipped with a discharge device and casters, liquid cryogens can be available on demand. Two stainless steel handles are welded to the top head for convenience and a dust cap is supplied for neck protection.


Full Specification            

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