Portable Dewars - Liquid Nitrogen/Oxygen/Argon Pressurized (CL/CLPB Series)

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Cryofab's CL/CLPB Series Portable Liquid Cylinders (click here for specifications) are intended for low pressure transport and storage of liquid nitrogen, oxygen or argon.

•  The operating premise is for conventional straight liquid dispensing only.

•  The product line size range is from 25 liters to 500 liters. We have, on occasion fabricated larger capacities.

•  With casters mounted to every model, this unit is ready to roll when you receive it.

•  Its user friendly design is simple and rugged in construction.

•  Mobility and a variety of sizes make it ideal for inter lab or plant use.

Included on all standard vessels are a liquid fill/withdrawal valve, vent valve with a full tricock to prevent overfilling, pressure gauge and appropriate relief devices. A feature setting the CL series apart from others is the differential pressure type liquid level gauge. It's easy to read and reliable.

The CLPB Series adds the option of a self-pressurizing system. Self-pressurizing dewars provide the ultimate in convenience and transfer efficiency. With the turn of a knob, pressure can be maintained for the duration of a transfer, especially if it is a large volume of liquid. This feature is self contained and completely eliminates the need for any external pressurization attachments and equipment. Each container is equipped with an adjustable regulator to maintain any required pressure from 7 to 25 PSIG.

Keeping with the theme of meeting customer requirements, Cryofab offers some additional options even in this standard product line.

The CL/CLPB range of portable dewars are CE certified for PED as standard. 

Options available . . .

Removable Manifold Electric Heater Outboard Casters Dedicated Solenoid
Gravity Feed Port

Top Vertical

Segregated Fill &
Withdrawal Port

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