Portable Dewars - CMSH Series LHe (Transport, Storage & Experimental)

The Cryofab CMSH helium dewar is designed for minimum loss storage, transportation and dispensing of liquid helium.

The CMSH container employs state of the art vapor cooled multishield technology in conjunction with superinsulation to effect the lowest guaranteed loss rates in the industry on comparable units.

The advanced insulation system results in quicker, more efficient cool down without the necessity for nitrogen pre-cooling. In addition, the elimination of LN2 or helium gas circulation shielding means that the CMSH is virtually maintenance free.

These units have the same general areas of use as old-style, 4-wall helium containers but permit large storage capacities in small packages with lighter weight.

  Full Specification

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Features include:

  • No liquid nitrogen shielding or helium gas circulation required
  • Lightweight but rugged construction stands up to trucking and everyday abuse
  • Suitable for air transport
  • All welded construction
  • Lowest loss rates in the industry
  • All units equipped with integral caster base
  • Easily removable and interchangeable manifolds
  • Applications include Distribution, Research and Liquefaction
  • Two-year warranty on vacuum

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