Model Si-410 Silicon Diode Temperature Sensor

The Scientific Instruments Model Si-410 Silicon Diode Temperature Sensors operate over a wide temperature range and are miniature in size.

They are linear over a wide temperature range interval, and have high sensitivity in their lower range.

The Silicon Diode temperature sensors are interchangeable to a standard VIT curve.

Model Si-410 and Si-420 sensors are normally mounted in a gold-plated copper case with four 36 AWG polyimid coated, color-coded, phosphor bronze leads. Case size is 0.093" diameter by 0.250" long. Special leads of phosphorbronze or manganin wire at various lengths can be furnished at a minimum additional cost. Other packages can be supplied, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for details.

  • Operate from 1.5 K to 450 K.
  • Have a sensitivity of 40 mvjK
  • Lead Material:
    Phosphor Bronze
    Either two leaded or four leaded bonded cable,
    polyimide-coated 32 AWG or 36 AWG . Conductors are color coded.
    Phosphor Bronze exhibits good electrical conductivity, but poor thermal
    conductivity. Resistivity is 2.7 Ohms per foot.
    Stranded CopperTeflon-coated wire either two leaded 30 AWG or
    two and four leaded 36 AWG. Conductors are color coded. Copper
    exhibits good electrical and thermal conductivity.
    Resistivity is 0.6 mill i-Ohms per foot.
    ManganinEither two lead or four lead polyurethane-coated 36 AWG.
    Conductors are not color coded. Exhibits good electrical conductivity,
    but poor thermal conductivity. Resistivity is 11.8 Ohms per foot.
    Manganin is not easy to work with.

  • Our Silicon Diode temperature sensors are available in both
    two and four lead configurations:
    Two Lead Configuration -
    This configuration does not compensate
    for lead resistance. Therefore, slight errors in sensor
    resistance/voltage can be induced. The magnitude of the error
    is proportional to the length of the leads.
    Four Lead Configuration
    This configuration provides the highest
    accuracy by compensating for lead wire resistance.
  • Fundamentally, cryogenic temperature sensors are supplied in
    three categories:  



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