Uninsulated Stainless Steel Flexible Transfer Lines

Ultimate in Uninsulated Cryogenic Hoses

Cryofab offers the ultimate in uninsulated cryogenic hoses for the transfer of any cryogenic liquid or gas. Our cryogenic hoses are used for liquid cylinder filling, mini-bulk trans-filling, home care oxygen trans-fill, helium cold-head compressor supply and return lines, LNG fuel filling and other miscellaneous connections.

We offer virtually any size hose with a variety of fitting options to fulfill just about any connection type, as well as being able to customize any hose to suit our customer’s applications.

Full length protective armor casing or cuffs can be applied to all hoses and in many cases is a standard feature.

Our LOX fill hoses are prepped and cleaned to CGA-4.1-2009 Oxygen Cleaning Specifications, however any hose can be cleaned to this standard depending on user requirements that could include LN2, LNG, LARG and CO2.

We Have the Largest Variety of Cryogenic Hoses

Cryofab offers a large variety of different types of stainless steel flexible metal hose for cryogenic transfer applications. Cryogenic hoses are indispensable tools for the safe and efficient transfer of all liquid gases.

Our line of cryogenic hoses ranges from the simplest non-jacketed flex line to vacuum jacketed, a requirement for the coldest of gases such as liquid helium and hydrogen.

Our materials of construction make these transfer tools usable in any type of work environment whether it be laboratory, industrial, instrumentation or fueling. Inside or out in the elements, this product will perform to deliver liquid cryogens trouble free.