Liquid Nitrogen Generators

Liquid nitrogen generator systems eliminate the cost of buying liquid nitrogen and the hassle of waiting for deliveries.

Kelvin Technology through Cryo Industries offers complete Liquid Nitrogen Generator Systems with two different liquefaction capacities: Cryocool-LN10: 10 litres/day liquefaction rate. Cryocool-LN50: 50 litres/day liquefication rate.

Gas In- Liquid Out

Direct Feed Design:

The Direct Feed design is a stand-alone flow out system that is easy to use with no permanent attachment to a dewar. Nitrogen flows into the inlet port and liquid nitrogen flows out the nozzle. This small footprint design allows for direct filling of experimental dewar/cryostat.

Dewar Mounted Design:

In the Dewar Mounted design the coldhead is mounted on a 100 litre Liquid Nitrogen storage dewar. The nitrogen gas flows in the inlet port, is liquefied and the liquid nitrogen is stored in the dewar.


PAHL - Portable Automated Helium Liquefiers

PAHL200 and PAHLsmall are the solution to the current liquid helium shortage and high cost of liquid helium.