Features of Liquid Helium Dewars

  • No liquid nitrogen shielding or helium gas circulation required
  • Lightweight but rugged construction stands up to trucking and everyday abuse
  • Suitable for air transport
  • All welded construction
  • Lowest loss rates in the industry
  • All units equipped with integral caster base
  • Easily removable and interchangeable manifolds
  • Applications include Distribution, Research and Liquefaction
  • Two-year warranty on vacuum
Designed for minimum-loss storage, transportation and dispensing of liquid helium. Our state-of-the-art vapor-cooled multishield technology with superinsulation ensures the lowest guaranteed loss rates*. The advanced insulation system results in quicker, more efficient cool down without nitrogen pre-cooling. Since there's no LN2 or helium gas circulation shielding, the CMSH is virtually maintenance free. Its a lighter, more compact and convenient replacement to traditional 4-walled helium containers. Select a capacity (litres) to see PDF specifications:
30 | 60 | 100 | 150