LHe RC152 Sample in Vapor Flow Cryogenic Workstation 


An advantage of the RC152 is that the sample to be cooled is suspended in the flow of helium vapor exiting from the heat exchanger/diffuser. Unlike sample in vacuum mounting, there are no thermal interfaces between the sample and the temperature sensor. Samples with poor thermal conductivities are uniformly cooled. The temperature of the sample can be varied from <1.5K to room temperature.


RC-152 System Features include:

  • Variable temperature
  • Stable temperature co-ordinates
  • Sample in Vapor
  • Top loading Samples
  • Quick change of samples while operating
  • Many different optical configurations available
  • High refrigeration capacity
  • Disconnect of transfer system from the cryogenic Workstation
  • Buffer volume option for extended operation at lowest temperature (<1.5 K)