Cryo offers Models RC-102 and RC-110 Ultra High Vacuum continous flow cryostats, which feature
rotatable ‘Conflat’ interface flanges, your choice of 2.75, 4.50 or 4.62 etc..  

Distance from chamber interface to cold finger can be selected to fit exactly your chamber. Constructions
is all welded stainless steel with low vapor pressure silver brazed copper joints.

The Model RC-110 offers the most advanced technology , resulting in better temperature stability. This is
achieved with the addition of an internal metallized phase seperator which eliminates all temperature fluctuations.

The Model RC-110-UHV has a heater assembly built on the end of the transfer line. This heater is not exposed
to vacuum and is instantly accessible. (Note: The phase seperator is not installed in this model). An optional
heater that mounts directly to the inside of the sample mount is available for the model RC102; this heater is 
accessible through a mini ‘Conflat’ flange.