Cryo's Mossbauer systems offer low vibration at the sample mount through vibration isolation bellows assembly.

A low vibration support stand is also included.

Systems are available with either a 4 K or 10 K two stage GM coldhead

•<5K to 325K operating temperature range
•2 Stage (GM) coldhead Model SRDK 408D
•0.1 watts @ 5K 2nd stage cooling power
•5 watts @ 40 K 1st stage cooling power
•CTI Model 8200 Water cooled compressor
•10 feet interconnecting hoses and cables
•Vibration isolation bellows assembly
•1.00 inch OD sample tube
•Sample probe with rotational and linear 
•T-style optical sample holder
•Clear type D mylar windows (0.010” thick)
•Heaters installed on coldhead & sample mount       

•Silicon diode temperature sensor installed on
  sample mount
•Matching silicon diode temperature sensor
  installed on refrigerator cold finger
•10-pin electrical sample feedthrough
•Sample exchange gas valve with safety pressure
•Evacuation valve with safety pressure relief
•Low Vibration Support Stand Exchange gas
•Bellows style vacuum valve
•Helium needle valve
•Sample tube compound gauge


Mossbauer SuperConducting Magnet System

Cryo's innovative design is available with a 5 Tesla Superconducting Magnet system with active null fields in each horizontal port.