CRYO Industries closed cycle cryogenic WORKSTATIONS provide cooling without using liquid cryogens. Samples (chips) are mounted in vacuum into a chip holder (carrier). Designed for 'cold finger' sample mounting.

  • Easy sample access through quick connect vacuum shroud.
  • Large variety of standard optical shrouds and 'T' style mounts are available.
  • Typical temperature operating range is from 10 to 325 K.
  • Low vibration version for IR arrays or other vibration sensitive experiments is available.

  • Test IR Focal Plane Arrays ICs (Dips), Detectors...standard & custom devices support for (14 - 64-pin DIP, 68 - 124 pin LCCs)

  • Up to 244 signal lines

  • Variable Temperature Stability +/- 0.05K

  • Unlimited ‘Run’ me at setpoint (certain models)


    Fast cooldown