Cryogen Free SuperConducting Magnet Systems


Cryo offers Closed Cycle Superconducting Magnet Systems that integrate innovative design with magnetic fields that range from 2 Tesla up to 19 Tesla (depending on design), you select the magnetic field. Magnet configurations available include Vertical Field Solenoid or Horizontal Field Split Coil magnets.

Cryo offers Superconducting Magnet designs with a clear vertical room temperature bore or a top loading variable temperature insert or both. The magnet is cooled through a Gifford-McMann cooler or a Pulse Tube cooler for low vibration experiments. 

All complete Superconduncting Magnet Systems include:

  • Conductivity Cooled SuperConducting Magnet
  • Removable Room Temperature Bore or Variable Temperature Insert
  • Closed Cycle Refrigerator (G-M or Pulse Tube)
  • Compressor
  • Programmable Reversing BiPolar Magnet Power Supply
  • Integral Energy Absorber
  • Temperature Controller
  • Temperature Sensor(s)


Cryo Industries’s ‘performance by design’ Supeconducting Magnet Systems offers many field tested and proven designs throughout the scientific community. Cryo is able to offer continued technical support for the life of the system.