Style 1: Sample in Vacuum Mounting

Designed for ‘cold finger’ sample mounting. Easy sample access through quick connect vacuum shroud and single thread radiation shield, a large variety of standard shrouds and 'T' style mounts are available.

Temperature range is from <9 to 325 K. An optional high temperature stage extends operation to 600 K.


Sample 2: Sample in Exchange Gas

Samples are ‘Top Loading’ and can be changed in seconds without shutting off or warming the refrigerator.  Interchange samples in seconds without thermal or vacuum cycling of the system.

Exchange gas cooling of low thermal conductive samples. Independent sample mount heater results in fast thermal response.  Ulta-stable variable temperature operation.

Independent temperature control of sample mount and refrigerator cold finger.  The Model REF-452-D22 is ideal for materials characterization. The Model REF-399-D22 (Mossbauer) features low vibration through bellows, spacer and exchange gas isolation.


Style 3: Sample in Exchange Gas

  • Accepts variety of bolt in/out experimental inserts
  • Removable Refrigerator
  • Interchangeable Open Cycle Liquid Helium Flow Refrigerator available.

    Style 3 has all the features of Style 2 plus more, click here to view full details.